Why I use Twitter

So, I had this huge long article planned and drafted. Word salad, all of it really as it’s pretty simple.

I came to Twitter looking for information at the beginning of the pandemic, having a husband who we thought was “vulnerable”. Having almost lost him in January 2018 to a combination of flu, pneumonia and a chest infection, I didn’t want to go through all that again.

I very quickly realised I needed to either build some emotional resilience or delete the app. It is a place where the most vile human beings reside. Seriously. And unfortunately I discovered some of them were in the autistic community – there is their version of autism, and if you don’t agree…..

Suffice to say I learned to block and report pretty quickly!

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The past 19 months have been and continue to be the most difficult I have ever experienced in my life, for a multitude of reasons, not all of which are to do with the government response to the virus. But my Twitter family has got me through.

I gradually found people I wanted to connect with. Some share interests. Some share a sense of humour. Some a passion for silver jewellery. Others are affected like me by the ongoing tussle for normality. We all share a love for humanity and in the end I think that is what will win out. My followers include a GP, a statistician, professors, therapists, photographers and parents, young singletons and from all points of the political spectrum and both sides of the Covid debate. But we are united in a desire to return to normal.

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I was going to make this long drawn-out post, then a particular song came on my playlist when I was out running and it sums up what my Twitter buddies have meant to me in the darkest moments, especially in lockdown. It’s “You’ve got the love” by Florence and The Machine. “Sometimes it seems the knowledge is too raw….” Definitely, after what I’ve discovered about the world and politics.

But I know now, that there are millions out there just like me, bewildered, hurting, pushing back, resisting and fighting for our kids’ futures. We keep each other going, we have a community. We have faith and strength. “You’ve got the love I need to see me through”.

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