Experiences of Autistic Adults Online


On this page, you will be able to read first-hand accounts of social media written by autistic adults.

If you are an autistic adult and would like to share your experiences with a wider audience, get in touch with us here.


Growing up, I’d always compared myself to my friends. As a child, I was painfully aware of the differences between myself and my classmates – socially, I struggled to make friends, but academically I was performing well above my age group. I preferred reading about archaeology in a quiet corner of the classroom instead of playing make-believe games in the playground.


There’s a concept of oversharing that us autistics are apparently renowned for; we have a reputation for not just talking about something, but going to the nth degree, regardless of whether or not the listener is interested. What is interesting though is how so many NTs* do just that on Facebook.


My use of Twitter is tied to what some people may call my special interest, and that is taking actions, such as sending emails and signing petitions, relating to animal welfare, the environment and people.

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